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The number of people who search for the products and services that they need on the Internet is increasing every day.

Web Design
Our design process always starts with a strong vision which drives the whole project. With our grounding as a digital agency, we measure our design by how it works rather than simply how it looks.
We combine algorithm expertise, explosive content and big media backlinks to position brands where they belong in the natural search results. If you are looking for professionals who can help you with SEO in Sydney, we are here to assist you.
We can help you target the right consumer audiences with a customised campaign that will meet your organisation's particular needs
From website content that tells your organisation's story, to blog posts that touch on issues that matter to your audience, to printed material for promotional distribution,our team is ready to provide content that delivers your message and appeals to your audience.
SEM has a unique strength that businesses (like yours) must be able to effectively harness: It creates opportunities for advertisers to place their ads right in front of consumers at the right time - right when they are most motivated and aiming to make a purchase.
We build successful social media campaigns to match your specific marketing aims, whether you want to attract people to a particular event, encourage downloads of strategically created content or take advantage of an offer.We develop bespoke campaigns to achieve your objectives.

Our web solutions will transform and grow your business. Our in-house local team of designers, developers, marketing experts and content writers will all work together for you.

Our service is personal and tailored to each individual office. We define your needs and understand your target audience so we can deliver benefits that will give your project the success it deserves.


Insight into your business gives us the power to sculpt your project. We ensure that we take time to see your vision in detail.


We achieve results using our proven strategy – we keep you well integrated during the entire process from the initial planning stages right through to project completion!


By continually evaluating our current knowledge and expertise, we ensure that we maintain our leading position through training and research.

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    Gone are the days that customers used to look in the yellow pages for the next product or service that they are going to buy. This has resulted in many companies who offer SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. Most business owners realize this need and hire the first SEO Company that they can find. This typically results in disappointment because although the company’s entry shows up at the top of the search engines, the business owners do not see an improvement in their bottom line.

    The reason this happens is that majority of SEO companies do not know anything about online marketing. Their activity results in getting visitors to the website but nothing beyond that.

    At Vantechs, our Marketing Technologists design strategies that tie into the particular business owner’s current business model. We design a process to take your website visitor from a complete stranger on the internet, who is looking for your services, to a trusting client, and finally to a raving fan that will bring you referrals.

    The following gives the summary of what we do:

    1. Designing your website from a marketing perspective
    2. If applicable, implementation of an auto‐responder to continuously ‘touch’ new leads using a ‘drip’ campaign mechanism.
    3. Use of Video marketing to increase conversion on the website. Statistics show that visitors spend very little time on each webpage. Videos are engaging and have proven to convert better.
    4. Once we have designed your website to convert, we focus on driving traffic:
      1. Free Traffic
        1. SEO
          • We only focus on SEO once an extensive keyword research has been performed to ensure that the keywords are ‘money’ keywords for your industry.
          • We use all ‘White‐hat’ methods so that Google (and other search companies) do not penalize your website in the long-term.
        2. Google Places
        3. Social media - Many business owners waste lots of time and resources on Social Media because it is the HOT thing to do today. However, Social Media is only effective if you know how you use it. We focus on the following only if it makes sense for your business
          • Facebook
          • Google Plus
          • Twitter
          • Youtube
      2. Paid Traffic
        1. Google AdWords – This is a very effective form of driving traffic to your website. However, it is very easy to pay Google lots of money and not see results. Google rewards you for writing good ads by reducing the amount you pay for a click as your click through ratio increases.
        2. Facebook PPC advertising – This is a very powerful tool as it allows you to target your audience and hence put your ads in front of your potential clients only.
        3. There are other advertising models that we explore based on your business model and needs.
    5. Next, we employ cutting edge Marketing Technology as it applies to your business
      1. Mobile marketing – There are more mobile devices on the planet today than computers with internet connection. We leverage mobile marketing to drive more prospects through your marketing funnel. Here are some examples of technology that we bring to the table
        • SMS Marketing
        • Smart‐phone (iPhone, Blackberry, Android) application development and marketing
        • Mobile websites
      2. Webinars / teleseminars – if applicable to your business model, we implement powerful technology to deliver your marketing message to more people through information marketing.
    6. Additional streams of income using innovative and creative methods – We discuss the possibility of using technology to create informational products such as eBooks, Print Books, CDs, DVDs, Online courses that leverage your subject matter expertise. We handle this service end to end from creation to marketing and sales automation so that you only have to worry about bringing your content to the masses and collecting the money.
    7. Finally, we help you continuously keep in‐touch with your existing and old clients using Social Media, email, SMS, webinar / teleseminars, and live events (if applicable). This results in more referrals and possibility of returning customers.
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