At Vantechs, we conduct a discovery session in order to learn the details of your business and the daily routines. Then we design a proactive maintenance plan for you.

With today’s evolving software and hardware platforms, it’s critical to have a solid plan for your computer infrastructure. The industries we serve include but are not limited to the dental, health care and medical industry, financial and legal sector as well as construction, architecture, soil remediation and more. We also have staff who specialize in providing services for the elderly.

We proceed with our analysis and create a tailor made I.T. plan for your environment. Then we analyze your existing equipment and make suggestions based on our expertise and years of experience. Our goal is to streamline your tasks and improve your bottom-line.

Whether you have a small group of workstations, advanced servers or corporate networks, our maintenance plans assure high reliability and availability of your local and mobile systems. The benefits of our contract-based plans include:

Maintenance Plan FeaturesIncluded
Pre-scheduled Periodic Server & Network Maintenance *
24/7/365 Emergency Response Time Guaranteed
As Needed Response Time Guaranteed
Remote Support Desk Response Time Guaranteed
Support Centre Client Access
Help Desk Ticketing system
Backup check to minimize chance of data loss
Firewall, Switch(es), Router Maintenance & Updates
Restart Server after Critical Updates
Support Documentation
Management Oversight
Technology Recommendations/Budget
Management of Software Licenses Purchased/Installed by Vantechs

* Periodic Maintenance can be performed on-site, remotely or remotely/on-site combination and it includes the following tasks performed:

  • Dusting & cleanup of hardware (On-Site only)
  • Hardware checkup including fans and other components (On-Site only)
  • Checkup of printers and firmware updates if necessary (On-Site only)
  • BIOS and other hardware updates if necessary (On-Site only)
  • OS Updates
  • Core software updates
  • Checking of errors, warnings and other events
  • Checking backup to minimize chance of data loss

Flex Support

Flex 3



Flex 4

2% more


Flex 5

4% more


Flex 7

8% more


Flex 10

13% more

  • Prepaid hourly technical support service.
  • Unused hours roll over each month.
  • Plan expires 365 days from the purchase date.
  • Each phone, remote or on-site support will use 1 credit per hour with a minimum of 1. Traveling charges are additional for on-site supports and charged at our standard rate of $0.85 per km for the trip, plus any additional charges incurred.

Internet, Network & Server Monitoring

  • 24/7 monitoring of internet connection
  • 24/7 monitoring of local network
  • 24/7 monitoring of the server
  • Analysis of reports from network devices if applicable
  • Analysis of reports from AntiVirus software if applicable
  • Easy access to Vantechs remote software for support and communication from all servers and workstations with consent

Our on-site specialists are trained to handle all hardware and software-related tasks. Providing efficient and reliable service is our highest priority.

Our goal is to minimize the time required to perform tasks on-site in order to complete the requirements completely and minimize the cost for our clients. To see a list of some of the tasks we can perform on-site, please click here.

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