iPhone 13 Pro vs. iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro:

The biggest differences

iphone 13 vs iPhone 14

We have seen big jumps when it comes to unveiling new iPhone devices over the last decade. However, in this year’s release, the basic models haven’t surprised us.

In contrast, for the Pro versions, the story is different. In this post, the Vantechs team compares the two Pro iPhone models and lists the highlights, either upgrading to iPhone 14 Pro or going for iPhone 13 Pro with a reduced price, the comparison below helps you to make wiser decisions.

The notable upgrades in iPhone 14 Pro are:

  • Safety features like Emergency SOS via satellite Communication
  • Dynamic Island (pill-shaped cutout instead of notch) which alone is a revolutionary new feature that in short, you can have access to many Apps main functions without actually having them opened. That means if
    • you’re playing music it shows the remaining time on a song that’s playing with a waveform
    • you’re waiting for a Lyft, it shows the tracking time
    • microphone or camera is in use, it shows privacy indicators
    • on a phone call, it displays the length of the call in a small bar
    • Paying with Apply Pay, it shapes a square
    • Using most common apps, like timer, music, and tracking games, it displays the time left, the music that’s playing, and the scores of the game relatively
    • And many more features that if you like to learn them all, please visit iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island in Action
  • First-ever 48MP wide rear camera on an iPhone
  • A bigger and brighter main camera sensor
  • Crash Detection
  • Taller Screen
  • An always-on display


iphone 13 vs iPhone 14 - Connectivity

What can be considered a revolutionary jump in iPhone 14 both the Pro and Max series is satellite-based communications. This means that no matter where in the world you are that doesn’t cover any cellular services, the Emergency SOS messages will be sent via support of a Satellite.

Design and Display

iphone 13 vs iPhone 14 - Design

The design and size of the iPhone 14 Pro haven’t changed much, the slight difference is just a taller screen that has a thinner border around it. While iPhone 13 Pro has a wider screen, working one-handed with iPhone 14 Pro’s narrower screen is easier.

Power and Battery

iphone 13 vs iPhone 14 - Battery

Regarding power and battery, there are no significant changes. When used on video playback both iPhone 14 Pro and Pro max models last only an extra hour compared to iPhone 13 Pro and Pro max.

Rear Cameras

iphone 13 vs iPhone 14 - Camera

While the front camera hasn’t changed much but having an Autofocus feature added, the rear cameras have taken us by surprise. The wide sensor camera jumped to 48MP which has been a long time coming and is a big surprise for photographers in particular that can rest assured of having a strong camera in their pockets.


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