A single technology vendor for your dental practice needs

Whether you want computer support, a website, camera installation, or to advertise a website, Vantechs can analyze your every need and provide you satisfactory results. We have worked with dozens of dental offices in the past and have never failed to provide a positive experience. You can feel safe when working with Vantechs.

Information Technology

Our goal is to minimize the time required to perform tasks on-site in order to complete the requirements completely and minimize the cost for our clients. Losing crucial data can be devastating, with our years of experience in the field of IT, we can design and deploy networks to assure reliability, performance, security and expandability. We cannot emphasize the importance of backup in business environments; our experts can lay out a plan to assure cheap and secure data protection based on your needs. Our experts have years of experience in IT fields and can aid you with any issue you have with your computers.

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Surveillance & Security

For over 12 years, Vantechs has built a strong reputation for being a leader in the field of surveillance security. We design, supply, install and maintain a wide range of surveillance security systems. Our high calibre security installers can put an end to many security risks. We offer free expert advice on all aspects of security and CCTV.

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Business Phone Systems

A Hosted or On-Premise PBX is the new alternative to a traditional phone system, and the traditional telephone company. Vantechs Hosted and On-Premise PBX solution is a Voice over IP based phone service aimed at small to medium sized Canadian business. By using Vantechs Hosted and On-Premise PBX solution, you bypass the phone company because your calls are routed via a digital data connection and not the traditional copper wire.
Our technology provides you with a host of advanced calling solutions that you need to make your communications more effcient and effective. Using Vantechs Hosted and On-Premise PBX gives your company the exibility to expand at your pace. With traditional phone systems you have to think about the future today, with Vantechs Hosted and On-Premise PBX, you buy what you need, when you need it. When you need to expand, we are there to help you, whether your expansion is slow and steady, or your expansion needs excel rapidly

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Web Solutions

At Vantechs, we make registering and maintaining domains fast, simple, and affordable. Our experienced designers can design your logo, business card and all your graphic needs while our experienced staff of web designers and developers will provide you with the state of the art website customized and tailored to your needs. Whether you’re looking for a basic informative website or a custom web application, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our knowledge and expertise will put you ahead of your competition.

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Online Marketing

The number of people who search for the products and services that they need on the Internet is increasing every day. Gone are the days that customers used to look in the yellow pages for the next product or service that they are going to buy. For that reason, our Marketing Technologists at Vantechs design strategies that tie into the particular business owner’s current business model. We design a process to take your website visitor from a complete stranger on the internet, who is looking for your services, to a trusting client, and finally to a raving fan that will bring you referrals.

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