Hosted PBX Telecom Services Restored

[19/09/2021 10:46PM]

It has been a very tiring weekend for our team as well as several others involved in running data centres and servers across North America and Europe. The attack, orchestrated by a group of Russian hackers was well planned and conducted using the latest technology, completely bringing down infrastructures around the globe. The same group has been responsible for multiple such attacks over the past few months all over the world. The event has been reported to RCMP, FBI and other organizations who will investigate this matter very seriously.

Most of the servers in Europe have now been restored as well as some in North America. We have implemented a temporary plan to re-enable all phones and have reversed the call forwardings put in place over the weekend per your request. You may notice some interruptions as we continue to monitor the situation but these should be minimal. If you notice any issues please notify us immediately via email. Meanwhile we are planning addition of a redundant solution in place to handle such events in the future in a more efficient manner and be able to minimize downtime.

We appreciate your support in these difficult circumstances and wish you a great week ahead.


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