Q: Which areas do you service?

We provide remote support world-wide. For on-site support, we provide service to the following Canadian cities:

  • Abbotsford
  • Burnaby
  • Coquitlam
  • Delta
  • Langley
  • New Westminster
  • North Vancouver
  • Port Coquitlam
  • Surrey
  • Vancouver
  • West Vancouver

Q: What is the scope of your services?


Warranty service is provided only to the original purchaser with original invoice and documentation. This warranty service is not transferable and does not apply to any promotions co-injunction with this service. At any time, VANTECHS is not responsible for any lost data. It is solely the Buyer’s responsibility to back up the data prior to service. VANTECHS technicians cannot backup any data within the system or hard-drive(s) unless otherwise specified by customer and only then at an extra charge. All warranty service will take a minimum of five (5) days with the date of the system received by VANTECHS. Immediate service is subject to special charges as deemed by the technician in charge. All service charges, costs of shipping and insurance are non refundable.


Assembled systems, servers, notebooks, netbooks, branded computers, phones, TV's and tablet PC's are not eligible for refund or exchange The following rules apply to all other products sold by VANTECHS: product can be returned for refund or exchange within fourteen (14) days from the original date of purchase, subject to the following conditions: (a) Original purchase invoice is required; (b) Product returned in its original condition (i.e. new in box, sealed with all original content); (c) Package must be absolutely unopened for software, consumables (i.e. ink, media), and headsets; (d) Product must not be a special or custom order. Ask us if your order falls in this category; (e) All products delivered and/or installed at the buyer’s site are under the same conditions above as well as all parts will have to be uninstalled with care and returned to VANTECHS. (f) It is not the responsibility of VANTECHS or its technicians to uninstall components from systems if invoice does not show any previous installation charges. (g) A minimum 20% restocking fee will apply to any less-than-original condition product VANTECHS agrees to take back. Removal of shrink-wrap may be considered less-than-original condition. Please check with one of our Product Advisors if you are in doubt. (h) Due to the inconsistent nature of the industry, returns will be refunded or credited at the lower of current price (at the time of return) minus restocking fee or purchased price minus restocking fee (i) All returning product being shipped needs to be pre-authorized, please check our Return Merchandise Authorization section for details. Sorry, shipping and handling fees are non-refundable. (j) For in store purchases, VANTECHS will not accept any returns for items that are physically damaged once the product has left the store. Please closely examine the products for physical damages.

Q: How does the RMA procedure works?


If a VANTECHS product is found to be defective after five (5) days of purchase and within warranty, return the component with all the drivers, software, documentation, cables, diskettes, and packaging to VANTECHS. It will be necessary to fill out a RMA form. Be sure to give a full and detailed explanation of defect. Incomplete forms can cause delays in the processing of RMA and/or the right full denial of RMA service. VANTECHS shall reject shipments containing merchandise not originating from VANTECHS and merchandise that is out of warranty. If goods are returned without all original parts or if warranty labels have been tampered with, then VANTECHS reserves the right to return the goods back to the Buyer un-repaired. Also, clearly mark the RMA on any container shipped back for RMA service. VANTECHS shall not be responsible for any losses to shipping or delays in RMA service. Buyer agrees to pay a technician service charge of $40 per hour for RMA goods tested and found without defect. Delays from shipping are not the responsibility of VANTECHS COMPUTERS LTD.

Q: How do payments and credits apply?

PAYMENTS & CREDITS: Buyer agrees to pay the amount due, in full, according to the terms listed on the front of this invoice. Buyer agrees to pay all shipping and handling costs involving the goods. Post-dated cheques are not an acceptable form of payment. Title of the product(s) shall remain with VANTECHS until full payment has been received.

If Buyer fails to fulfill its payment obligation, then VANTECHS may withhold deliveries and suspend performance, including but not limited to technical assistance, troubleshooting and returns. Buyer understands and agrees to pay (1) a $20.00 fee any time a cheque(s) is returned uncollected for any reason, (2) late charges of .05% per day (18.25 % per year) on any past due balances, and (3) any cost connected to debt collection (including collection agency or insurance costs). VANTECHS shall also be entitled to an extension of time for performance of its obligations equating the period of Buyer’s non-fulfillment whether or not VANTECHS elects to suspend performance.

If VANTECHS bring any legal action to enforce this agreement, VANTECHS shall be entitled to recover all reasonable costs and expenses incurred, including but not limited to reasonable attorney fees, suit fees and courts costs.

VANTECHS currently accepts cash, debit, cheque, cashier’s cheque or money order as forms of payment. The pricing of all systems, major parts or special and custom orders reflect a 3% prediscount for above mentioned forms of payment. Regular pricing for parts is valid for customers who wish to pay by Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard), Traveler’s Cheque or Credit Cheque. The 3% prediscount does not apply to labour charges. Any account credit that has not been redeemed within 365 days of issuing will be void automatically without any notification. All deposits are non-refundable.

Q: Is there any limit on my warranty?
Product Category Vantechs Warranty Period Manufacturer Warranty Period *
Retail Box Products 14 days 1 to 3 years
(see product details for manufacturer warranty)
OEM Products 14 days 1 year
LCD Monitors 14 days 3 years
Retail Printers 14 days 1 year
Retail Keyboards 14 days 1 year
Open Box Items 14 days 1 year
Compatible Inks and Toners 90 days -
Q: How does the warranty work?


THIS LIMITED WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, WHETHER ORAL, WRITTEN, EXPRESS, OR IMPLIED VANTECHS MAKES NO WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PIRTICULAR PURPOSE OR OF MERCHANTABILITY VANTECHS WARRANTS LIMITED WARRANTY TO THE ORIGINAL PURCHASER A LIMITED WARRANTY TO COVER THE SPECIFIED SYSTEMS OR PRODUCTS SOLD BY VANTECHS. Limited warranty does not cover the following cases: (1) Damages due to abuse, mishandling, misuse, improper services, improper installation, improper packaging by the Buyer, alternation, accident, electrical current fluctuations, failure to follow operating, maintenance, environmental instructions, neglect, shipping, unusual physical or electrical stress, or modified or adjusted or repaired by persons other than VANTECHS’ authorized personnel. (2) Parts or services that were not components. (3) Tampered, damaged, or removed serial labels or warning labels. (4) Problems or errors resulting from software. (5) Failure to provide valid VANTECHS purchase invoice.

GOODS MADE BY OTHER MANUFACTURERS ARE SOLD “AS IS” – All goods made by manufacturers, other than VANTECHS may carry a limited warranty as granted by their respective manufacturer. VANTECHS will offer an exchange during the first 14 days from date of sale if the product is free from physical damage and is deemed defective after being tested by VANTECHS. After this period, VANTECHS will assist Buyers in obtaining manufacturer warranty service, however, VANTECHS in no way claim responsibility for installation of these components including, but not limited to hardware configuration, software configuration, maintenance, troubleshooting and compatibility between components or their warranties. Retail boxed products solely have manufacturer warranty and do not carry any warranty with VANTECHS. Computer accessories have a thirty (30) day warranty. Monitors also carry the manufacturer’s warranty. In case of “dead pixels”, VANTECHS will not be responsible for accepting a refund/exchange of the monitor. It is up to the manufacturer to RMA the monitor with dead pixels or other problems.

ONE YEAR LIMITED SYSTEM WARRANTY: VANTECHS warrants the specified system, excluding software, documentation, and similar items will be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one year from the date of purchase. This warranty is available by drop-off at VANTECHS or shipping with insurance to VANTECHS head office; please read further for available optional warranty. During this period, at VANTECHS’ option, defective goods may be repaired or replaced. If VANTECHS is unable to repair or replace a defective good because it is discontinued or obsolete, then VANTECHS will credit the Buyer the value of the goods based on the current list price at the date goods were received for RMA service. Any replacement is warranted only for the remainder of the warranty period applicable to the product it replaces. This limited warranty applies only to the Buyer and is neither assignable nor transferable. All used systems/parts have a 90 Days Warranty by VANTECHS unless otherwise stated on the sales invoice of the used product.

OPTIONAL EXTENDED WARRANTY: Please ask us for the purchase of optional extended warranty of either carry-in/shipped or on-site coverage. Under the optional extended warranty, VANTECHS shall provide replacement of the defective hardware on condition that the new hardware is purchased from VANTECHS. If the specific component is no longer available, VANTECHS shall provide credit for the assessed value of that component towards the purchase of a new equivalent component. This warranty includes hardware troubleshooting, however does not apply to the following: (1) hardware installation not found on the original invoice (2) software installation, software troubleshooting, software configuration, or driver installation (3) conflicts due to components installed into system not part of the original invoice (4) physical damage. For the on-site warranty, a credit card pre-authorization is required and in case the problem is found not to be covered under warranty, you will be charged for full payment based on VANTECHS standard rates.

SOFTWARE: VANTECHS provides free labour to load the licensed operating system that was purchased with the system under warranty and will restore the system to the original state of software excluding any additional software that was requested to be installed by VANTECHS or any additional software installed by the Buyer. Any other software reinstallation is subjected to current service charges. VANTECHS is not responsible for any loss of data or any indirect, or consequential damages or losses during loading even if VANTECHS has been advised on the possibility of such damages or losses. At any time, VANTECHS is not responsible for software errors or problems; service charges will be applied for systems that require software troubleshooting or configuration. Ask about our data recovery services if required.

CCTV WARRANTY: VANTECHS warrants the CCTV systems and parts for one year. All CCTV Surveillance installations have a 3 months labour warranty. The labour warranty may be extended to a total of one year at 10% of total labour charges. This will cover installation of all parts including DVR, cameras and other surveillance related products that were installed by VANTECHS.

Q: What happens when I get damage goods upon receiving my products?


It is the sole responsibility of the Buyer to examine the products upon pickup/delivery. Claims for damaged, missing, shortage, or errors must be claimed after two (2) days of pickup/delivery, otherwise the transaction is deemed to be complete. Buyer shall give VANTECHS further reasonable time to cure any mistakes.