Laptop on fire

Prevent Computer Overheating For Free!

Computer overheating solved for FREE! Speed up your computer, and have it last longer.

Every summer our computers and laptops suffer the tremendous wrath of the sun and we don’t even realise it!
Luckily, today we’re gonna show you some tips and tricks that will help prevent your computer overheating, make your computer last longer, and even make it run smoother and faster.
We’ll try to touch on different points for desktop computers, and laptop computers.

First let’s look at why you should protect your computer/laptop during summer time.
Your computer needs airflow at all times while it’s powered on in order to cool itself. This means that the bottom and the sides of your laptop need to be open in order for the hardware inside to be able to cool itself down, and your desktop’s vents need space to allow air to enter/exit. If your computer/laptop doesn’t have access to fresh air then it could overheat and force itself to shut down to prevent any hardware on the inside from burning itself up, or even worse, you could do some serious damage to your hardware and be looking at a couple hundred dollars in repairs.

Laptop on fire

Protect your computer from overheating

3 Tips To Prevent Overheating

1. (Laptop only) Try to keep your laptop off of soft surfaces. Surfaces such as blankets, couches, clothing, etc. are brutal laptop murderers (innocent until proven guilty). Instead keep your laptop on harder surfaces such as tables, desks, etc.
Note: If you have a gaming laptop, or like to use your laptop on the bed/couch, then you might want to invest into something like this to improve your experience and help your laptop survive!

2. Make sure to keep your precious piece of technology CLEAN! The #1 killer of almost all computers and laptops is DUST. Clean your computer with
this simple and extremely easy to use product.

Using the affordable canned air bought from VanTechs, you can easily and conveniently just blow out the dust from your laptop or computer.
For your laptop, just point the nozzle into the vents on the side, and bottom and blow the dust out.
For a desktop, you can either open up the side panel and blast air at the fans and other parts of your PC that seems to have accumulated dust. If you don’t want to open up the side panel, you can just blow air into the vents and power supply to help dislodge and remove some dust. Although removing the side panel is recommended for cleaning (there are plenty of YouTube videos showing you how to).

Computer being cleaned by canned air.

Click here to learn how to properly clean your computer.

3. Now for the final trick, make sure your computer doesn’t have programs using up 100% of the CPU. This might sound a little complicated, but it’s quite simple.
If you’re on a windows 7 or 10 computer all you have to do is press CTRL + ALT + DELETE (Not escape or backspace). And then your screen will pause for a moment and give you a variety of options, click on “Start Task Manager” then go to the “Performance” tab on the Task Manager window. Here you can monitor how much of your CPU is being used. If you own a mac click here.
If you’re watching movies, gaming, editing, or doing anything heavy expect the CPU percentage to be between 50% – 80%. If you’re computer is just sitting at the home screen with no applications open, CPU should be under 30% (These percentages are just approximate estimates and your computer will vary).

Screenshot of Task Manager in Windows 10 showing 6% of the CPU being used.

Task manager showing only 6% use on the CPU, so it’s not too hot.

Bonus Tip!
4. We know how harmful the sun is to our skin and health, but we still leave our valuable laptops and computers sitting in direct sunlight without a second thought. Leaving your computer in direct sunlight causes it to heat up excessively which can lead to crashes and may very likely cause internal failure or even melting of the casing. Try to avoid leaving the curtains open or putting your laptop out in the sun.  We know it sounds very simple, but a large percentage of people still carelessly leave their computers exposed to the harmful heat of the sun. So keep your computer indoors and cool this summer!

The biggest mistake…

Even if you only use your computer for home tasks such as emails, YouTube and other very basic light tasks, computer overheating, failing or crashing is still very likely.
The biggest mistake anyone ever makes is say “I don’t own a gaming computer, my computer will magically cool itself.”
Something as simple as not keeping it clean can cost you upwards of $200 to get fixed.
So do yourself a favour, and don’t pull the biggest mistake everyone else does.
Start taking care of your computer today, so you’ll know that it’ll run smoothly tomorrow.

Open laptop with money flying into it. Shows how pricey IT support can be.

Don’t let this happen to you

Vantechs Computers is happy to help you with all your technology needs. More tips & tricks to come, so make sure to follow the blog!


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