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Office Mobile for iPhone and more

Microsoft Office has finally made it to the iPhone. This is great for Apple who is working hard to make the iPhone suitable for business use along with personal. The release of iOS 7 has taken great strides towards this goal and now with Microsoft Office there is even more motivation for business users to switch from other devices such as BlackBerry and Android to Apple.

Please visit the link below for detailed screenshots and description of Office Mobile for iPhone:

There are rumors that MS Office will also be released for iPad and iPad mini in the near future. Stay tuned…

Real-time co-authoring with Office 365

By now you are all familiar with Microsoft Office; the package that includes applications such as MS Word and MS Excel. You may have also heard about Office 365, the cloud based version of Microsoft Office which is slowly replacing the old desktop version.

For a small monthly subscription, you can have Office 365 which would entitle you to the latest version of Microsoft Office along with many very useful features such as Microsoft Exchange email, web-based collaboration on the same file and much more.

Today we’re going to look at co-authoring; a fantastic feature which allow multiple users work on the same document or spreadsheet at the same time, whether sitting in the same office or miles away, whether on a PC or on a tablet.

With SkyDrive and Office 2013, it is possible to have up to 4 people working on the same file! See screenshot of us working on the same word file simultaneously from two different computers. When you first open the file, it warns you that someone else has the file open. As you work on it, it keeps on marking areas that are worked on by others and updates them when you save it and marks them green.



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Antivirus and user habits

The best protection is changing your habits! For decades, we have compared different antivirus packages and ranked them based on how well they perform; but the bottom line is none will ever be 100% proof. So the best advice is to go with a good antivirus but also change your bad habits when using your PC.

Some of the main causes of infections are:

1. Javascripts
2. Adobe
3. Unsolicited links in emails
4. Popups
5. Emails with direct links to PayPal, Facebook…
6. Ignoring updates and security patches
7. Not using antivirus & firewall: Whether paid or free, it’s a must to have one installed
8. Phishing and scams