Monthly Archives: September 2016

Web Services Scheduled Upgrade

We have an upgrade maintenance of Xen scheduled for October 7, 2016 between 1AM and 6AM. During this maintenance, the server will be unavailable as we perform routine upgrades. After the completion, if your website is experiencing problems, it may be due to new versions of PHP or Java. Please consult with your developer to assure compatibility.

Dropbox breach!

With the recent news that Dropbox had experienced a data breach, cloud attacks are becoming a big concern. We recommend using different passwords for each provider you utilize. Also change the passwords frequently. And as always, keeping sensitive data in the cloud could lead to bigger problems in case of such attacks.

Here is a useful link to see if your account information has been leaked: Simply enter your email address and see the results. Be sure to take action if there are any leaks. Please contact us if you have any concerns!