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VGA, DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort Clarification

VGAToday we will be discussing a matter that has come up many times and continues to be an inquiry by many. And that is conversion between the different types of video signals.

To make this very easy to understand, VGA is an analog connection and therefore it cannot be converted to any of the other formats which are digital. If you find any basic adapters or cables promising such a thing, it is not true. There are lots of these products available online or in some stores with none promising to do what they claim. You would need a converter box to perform and a conversion of analog to digital or vice versa.

DVI connection comes in 2 common¬†types: DVI-I and DVI-D. There’s also the less common DVI-A but we will not get into this as it’s not used in today’s consumer devices. DVI-I is analog while DVI-D is digital. Therefore, a VGA signal can easily be converted to DVI-I using an adapter or a cable such as this:; however it cannot be converted to a DVI-D unless a converter box is used.

HDMI and DisplayPort are completely digital and both are capable of carrying video and audio signals.

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