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New Arabic, Chinese and Russian Top-Level Domain names coming soon!

Revealing the First Four TLDs to Go Live

An expanding Internet opens up new choices for customers wanting a personalized website. .com, .org and other TLDs have become very congested, pushing the needs for other TLDs.

In just a few weeks we could see new TLDs enter the first launch phase, as the first four just received the “green light” from ICANN to move forward last week.

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This first set of TLDs are Internationalized Domain Names (or IDNs) which use non-Latin characters. For the first time ever, Russian, Chinese and Arabic consumers will be able to register a domain in their native language. The first four are:



شبكة Arabic word for   “Web” or “Network”
онлайн Russian for “Online”
сайт Russian for “Site”
游戏 Chinese for “Games”